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How Bankable supercharged their growth trajectory with Capchase

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The backstory

Bankable is a leading European BaaS provider, allowing SaaS companies and banks to offer financial services like cards, accounts and e-wallets to their end customers. Before Capchase, they'd been financed through a combination of venture capital and family offices to reach a scale of £10-20m ARR.

The funding dilemma

Bankable were on a fast growth trajectory, planning to raise a larger equity round in 9-12 months, and were speaking to venture debt providers to raise £5m, allowing them to invest further into their current momentum before raising external capital.

However, the process was slow, and had been going on for months. The initial term sheets that were coming in were complex and expensive.

A faster, more flexible alternative

Bankable's CEO Eric heard about Capchase through a news article, and reached out through the website. After a quick call the day after, and with Bankable syncing their data another two days later, Capchase provided an initial financing offer within four days of initial contact.

After some receiving formal board approval, Bankable selected Capchase as their preferred non-dilutive financing partner, and received their asked amount in the bank.

"We were able to cut the cost of our financing significantly using Capchase. Further, we got rid of all covenants and non-friendly terms, given Capchase's flexible structure"


  • Speed: By utilizing the speed of the Capchase platform, Bankable was able to cut the time spent on fundraising by months.
  • Flexibility & Cost: By leveraging Capchase's credit line and the associated terms, they were able to draw a slightly smaller amount upfront, saving on interest and fees compared to their venture debt alternatives, while enjoying the ability to draw more at need going forward
"We had an amazing experience working with Capchase - going from first contact to proceeds in less than three weeks is unheard of in my experience of the venture debt market"

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