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How Zinklar built a strong foundation for capital infusion with Capchase

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Zinklar is a SaaS-based market research platform that helps brands globally leverage market research as an everyday solution and delivers results in real-time. Founded in 2015 by Jordi Ferer, the company creates a holistic system that mines behavior patterns derived from people’s smartphone usage.

Among Zinklar’s clients are over 200 leading companies from different verticals, including Reckitt Benckiser, Duracell, Unilever, Orange, Jaguar Land Rover, and many others. The platform capabilities allow companies to cut turnover time to obtain reports, reduce guesswork in analysis, and directly involve consumers to help brands make informed decisions. As a result, with Zinklar’s extensive offerings, clients can take the DIY approach for quick actions.

Zinklar means ‘thinking clearly’. True to its name, the startup offers brands across various sectors a range of market research solutions that help managers formulate precise strategies based on evolving consumer behavior. Zinklar’s research capabilities support companies during the exploratory phase, usage and attitudes, packaging testing, product testing, price testing, and much more.

Another key offering of the company is the market analysis platform, Bank Pulse, which taps into customers’ thoughts about a bank’s advertisements, innovations, news, sponsorships, and daily interactions. As a user, banks can also watch out for competitors’ marketing efforts and change their marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

They can even measure a campaign’s success rate by constantly monitoring the feedback and the impact of their PR activities.

Evaluating funding alternatives

Zinklar has tripled its turnover year after year since its inception. As the company gained traction, it felt the need for a capital infusion. While Founder and CEO Jordin Ferer was willing to take the equity route in the future, he wanted to explore other funding options, which will allow his company to take a strong position when they eventually approach venture capital firms. This is when we met Jordi to formulate a non-dilutive financing plan to help Zinklar achieve its long-term goals.

Scaling up with the right funding model

Zinklar’s objective to partner with Capchase was very clear from the beginning. The company needed capital to fuel growth, and they turned to our programmatic funding solution to solve the growing scaling-up challenge.

"With Capchase, we have been able to heavily invest in growth while taking our time when it comes to taking the next dilutive equity infusion, in order to be in the best possible position when we do decide to raise a round." - Jordi Ferer, Founder and CEO, Zinklar. 

Capchase uses data like a startup’s balance sheets or performance reports to develop a sustainable financing option. Our programmatic finance solution helps predict how much money a company may need at any given time. The system accordingly forwards the capital to help the client achieve their set of objectives.

This approach helped Zinklar steer its focus in the right direction and fuel its expansion plans. As a result of the partnership with Capchase, the fast-growing research company was able to achieve a stronger position before going for a dilutive financing option in the future.

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