Reduce churn up to 25% while increasing your ACV

A B2B buy now, pay later offering to increase renewals, improve top-line metrics—like LTV and CAC, and eliminate discounts.

What is Capchase Pay?

Capchase Pay is a B2B buy now, pay later solution for SaaS companies. It allows companies to offer their customers flexible payment terms to purchase their software, while still being able to collect the value of every contract upfront.

Quote and close quickly

Shorten your sales cycle and eliminate budget concerns by offering customers flexible payment terms.

Collect your ARR upfront

We pay you the full value of every contract as soon as a deal is signed, reducing your time to revenue.

Don't bother with billing

All billing and collections is handled by us through custom payment links and our buyer portal.

B2B BNPL solution that benefits finance and revenue leaders

Before Capchase Pay

High upfront contracts cause lost deals and churn
Sales teams offer rogue discounts to close
Your team is forced to chase down delinquent payments
Lack of flexible payment options can slow down or prevent renewals
Longer sales cycles shorten your runway

After Capchase Pay

Do away with billing and collections
Secure annual contracts at a higher ACV, without discounting
Expand your working capital
Generate higher LTV and lower CAC
Retain customers and simplify renewals


Reduction in time to closed deal within 2 months of using Pay.

$ 3.7M

In pipeline generated in 1 month
of using Pay.

1 day

Time to cash, reduced from 15 days in 2 months of using Pay.

"With Capchase, I now have control over my revenue and my cash flow. I can make more informed decisions about my business—that’s invaluable.”

August Keating · COO at CIENCE

A seamless product experience

Generate custom payment experiences

Send customers to their dedicated payment portal through links with customized fields for payment schedule, terms, and contract price where they can pay with credit cards or through ACH.

Capchase Pay

Fully integrate with your CRM

Manage your pipeline for Capchase Pay and create and send quotes for prospects natively in your Hubspot or Salesforce instance.

Capchase Pay - Stripe

Gain complete pipeline visibility

Our Vendor Hub serves as a global control panel for sales and finance leaders to manage all financed deals across teams and gain insights into their progress.

Capchase Pay

How Pay works in steps

Quote and close quickly

Offer customers flexible payment terms that fit their needs, whether that’s monthly, biannually, or annually so you can shorten your sales cycle.

Collect your ARR immediately

We handle all billing directly with customers using customized links and pay you the value of every contract upfront.

Forget about collections

Collections and reconciliation with customers are handled by us, reducing the workload on your finance team.

How Pay works in steps

Buy with confidence

Whatever the software, from CRMs to PM tools, get your annual contract quote from your vendor and request to pay with Capchase.

Instantly access your software

We pay your software vendor your entire contract amount upfront so you can start using your tool immediately.

Pay on your own terms

Pay us back in the installments that work for you, whether that’s monthly, biannually, or annually.

Choose your payment terms
Split payment
12 payments
0% interest
Pay later
0% interest
Pay upfront
0% interest

Our customers have been able to combat longer sales cycles and higher CAC with Pay.