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What makes us unique

Grow With Us

Capchase gives founders the ability to focus on top-line growth, turning their recurring revenue into upfront capital.

  • Scale at your pace

  • Avoid dilution, debt, or idle funds

  • Extend your runway

Why Founders Go With Capchase

We’re as Flexible as You Are

As much funding –or as little– when you need it. We accept monthly, quarterly, even yearly contracts, adapting to meet your demands.

Cash is More Impactful

We provide the necessary funding you need at that moment. Your money works for you rather than sitting idle.

Fast Access

Within 24 hours, we assess the funding needed and deposit it instantly to your account.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Our easy-to-use interface allows you to understand and manage all your transactions and accounts.

Grow With You

Access more capital as you scale. We are your partner every step of the way, reducing our rates the longer we work together.

Upfront cash flow to extend your runway.

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How do I get funded?

Getting funded by Capchase is easy and can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. Sign up to get started.  
2. Sync your bank account, accounting software, and subscription management platform (if applicable).
3. From there, the Capchase team will begin the underwriting process, and terms are usually presented in less than 24 hours.

Once you review and agree to the terms, you will receive your funding.

What makes Capchase different?

We partner with you to grow your business - We've been in your shoes and we want you to succeed. We're here to help you fuel your growth.

We are human-centered and personal, not transactional - We care about your success - you are not a number or a new investment class.

Transparent - No surprises or murky terms - We keep things simple. You know who you are funded by and our terms are straightforward.

Fast and efficient - We act fast so you can spend less time fundraising and more time growing.

Founder and customer friendly - Founders access capital fast with friendly terms. No need to pressure customers to pay annual contracts upfront, keep them happy with flexible monthly payments.

Flexible, easy, seamless - Capchase seamlessly integrates with your business. We make it simple, so you can spend less time tracking down lenders, investors or piles of paperwork.

Why do companies use Capchase?

Fast-growing companies with predictable revenue face two major challenges: waiting for revenues to be realized over a 12-month period and funding growth under favorable terms.

Capchase solves both of these problems and enables companies to grow on their terms.

What kinds of companies use Capchase?

Capchase is built for tech companies with predictable revenue, that are looking to grow quickly without taking unnecessary dilution.

We work with companies on different stages and sizes that serve several industries and geographies with various kinds of funding histories.

How long does it take to get funded?

Financing terms are usually presented in less than 24 hours after you've integrated your financial systems with our secure platform.