Spread large expenses out over time

Smooth cash flows and avoid large, impactful outflows.

400+ Select Partners & Customers

Split the payments. Keep the cash

Sync Your Data

You offer flexible terms, why not pay with flexibility?

Be Opportunistic

Identify your expenses that you’d prefer to pay off gradually.

Preserve Cash

Smooth cash flows and avoid large, immediate outflows.

Timing is everything

Time your expenses with your revenue.

As easy as 1, 2 ,3:

Sync your data

We integrate with the biggest banks and accounting services so you can easily connect with us.

Select your expenses and terms

Select unpaid invoices or recently paid expenses, and choose repayment terms of 3,6,9,or 12 months.

Smooth your cash flows

Marketing, legal, and software service expenses can be burdensome, spread them out and pay on your schedule.

Forget about paying large bills, Spread the payments.

Join now and access your funds in less than 48 hours.

What Founders Say About Us:

"Using Capchase's Expense Financing product allows us to smoothen out our cash flow profile, enabling us to invest more consistently and heavily into growth. The flexibility of the Capchase platform is great, and we couldn't be happier with our partnership."

Marta Zaragozá, CEO at Declarando

"We liked that Capchase moved really quickly and approached the relationship as a partnership, not as a transaction. It was also the first financing document that I found friendly and simple."

Cory, CEO at Edify.AI

"Getting set up with Capchase was over-the-top accommodating. The personal touch was a real win for me."

Tim Hasse, CEO of General Provision

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How is this different than Supply Chain Financing?

With Capchase's expense financing product, we are offering extended payment terms specifically to our client (the buyer) and not providing any services to the end merchant like with supply chain finance. Capchase does not have any relationship with your merchant and we are providing financing specifically to you, the buyer, on expenses that you submit for financing.

If I'm already a Capchase user, do I need to do anything to access this product?

If Capchase has underwritten and analyzed your company, and your underwriting is current, no additional action is required.

How is this product different than Capchase's revenue funding product?

Our expense financing product complements our revenue funding product. Expense financing gives you the opportunity to direct the cash we provide your business in a more strategic manner and smooth the impact on cash that these expenses have.

What types of expenses will Capchase finance?

We try to help you focus on bigger ticket items that can impact your cash position. Examples include marketing spend, software costs, inventory, legal and professional fees.

Is there a minimum amount of expenses that Capchase will fund?

To receive funding, the expenses / invoices selected , in aggregate, must equal or exceed $25,000.00.

Can I use the Expense Financing offering without integrating my banking or accounting platforms?

Integrating your financial data platforms such as banking, accounting, and billing, are all needed for Capchase to finance your business. Your banking and accounting data allows Capchase to surface the expenses that you can quickly select to repay flexibly.

Does Capchase's Expense Financing offer my customers an installment plan for payment?

No, Capchase's Expense Financing offering offers you a means to select your large expenses and spread the payment out to suit your needs:
• Select recently expensed items or unpaid invoices.
• Choose your repayment term.
• Receive your funds.
• Pay your expenses.