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Turbulent market conditions mean that raising capital will be more difficult and take longer than in recent years. Companies will need to go the extra mile to grow into the high valuations from their last raise and prove strong fundamentals to raise at a higher valuation in the future. This guide gives you expert insight to help you position your company to optimize your next venture capital raise, with innovative strategies and practical advice.

“Capchase enables us to set ambitious goals and have the resources to achieve them.”

David J. Phillips, Founder of Fondo

What’s in this ebook?

The Capchase ‘Optimize Your Raise’ ebook examines key market trends affecting equity raises, and offers insight into how you can position and grow your company for the most advantageous VC fundraising experience in your next round.

Capchase helps B2B SaaS founders and CFOs grow their businesses faster, through non-dilutive, dynamic growth capital. We have first-hand experience of helping founders optimize for their equity raises, and this report includes customer stories for real-life illustration of the concepts and strategies we recommend.

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