Power your SaaS with your subscriptions

A full year of recurring revenue in your bank.
On day one.

Dilution is not the solution

20+ select partners and customers

Close a deal and get the cash on the same day

Accelerate cash you already earned

Capchase is here to accelerate cash from customers who do not pay upfront. Unlock cash tied up in monthly and quarterly-paid contracts

Get paid on day one
Reinvest in growth
Extend your runway

Provide payment flexibility to your customers

Close more deals, at a higher price, faster

Forget about the friction of negotiating payment terms. Let your customers pay on a monthly basis and avoid costly discounts

Shorten your sales cycle
Simplify purchase approval
Grow your ACV

See how we can help accelerate your SaaS

It's easy. Easy as 1, 2, 3


Close a contract with flexible payment terms

With Capchase you have the power of offering monthly or quarterly payments for your service, while still collecting the money upfront. Sell more, better, faster


Capchase delivers cash in your bank account within minutes

Once the contract is signed, Capchase automatically sends the cash of a full year of booked revenue to your bank account


Your customer pays flexibly while you reinvest in growth

Your customers pay on a monthly or quarterly basis for your service, while you focus on reinvesting the upfront cash on growth


Get access to cash within minutes.

Our lightning fast process can evaluate your applications in a snap. Capchase delivers cash to your bank account within minutes.

Fast, easy, flexible

A seamless financing experience for any SaaS

Finance all sorts of contracts

Capchase works for all kinds of contracts – big and small. We adapt to your needs

Get assessed within minutes

Our platform is powered by a blazingly fast approval engine, to access your cash faster

Connect any billing system

Connect to Stripe, Profitwell, Chargebee, Recurly ... you name it, we can connect to it

Pick contracts you want to fund

Ongoing or new - manage all your subscriptions and choose which contracts to activate

Get access to cash instantly

Once contracts are approved, you'll receive your cash in your bank account instantly

We grow with you. It's a win-win

Access more capital as we scale together - say goodbye to dilution and debt

Backed by world-class investors

Accelerate your growth with Capchase

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