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The Pulse of SaaS:
Data trends on US and European startups in 2022

This report analyzes 500+ early-stage startups to understand the impact of today’s macro environment on company performance, and uncover actionable insights for founders looking to grow their business or preserve runway.

What’s in this ebook?

The Capchase Pulse of SaaS report explores the performance of early-stage SaaS startups in the current economic climate. Read on to discover:

How European companies performed relative to US
How VC-backed companies performed relative to bootstrapped companies
The downturn effect: how market sentiment and macroeconomic factors impact 2022 performance vs 2021

Capchase helps SaaS companies grow faster through capital, insights and support.

Our dataset of thousands of SaaS and B2B recurring-revenue companies gives us market-leading insight into the performance of the SaaS sector at international scale.

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"While the media narrative has focused on public tech companies dropping in valuation, our data from more than 500 SaaS startups paints a very different picture.

Navigating the slowdown is an opportunity for SaaS founders to consolidate and capture market share from competitors”

Miguel Fernandez, Co-founder and CEO of Capchase

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