The Pulse of SaaS III: 
Navigating the new normal

In this ebook, we analyze and discuss how the most successful companies weathered the 2022 economic storm and present the three ways other B2B SaaS companies might replicate their success.

What’s in this ebook?

We compare metrics from top quartile and bottom quartile performing SaaS companies over the last year and discuss:

Which metrics SaaS companies should hone in on to achieve growth, even during economic downturns
The three key areas companies should focus on to improve their efficiency
Case studies from our customers that exemplify these practices in action

Capchase helps SaaS companies grow faster through capital, insights, and support.

Our dataset of thousands of SaaS and B2B recurring-revenue companies gives us market-leading insight into the performance of the SaaS sector at international scale.

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Capchase - Pulse of SaaS III

"Capchase has always been a really great partner for us because they allow us to access capital in a way that generates direct, new revenue for our business.

They gave us the data and guardrails we needed to understand how to best allocate our budget in a way that would encourage growth, which really helped us during our early days of commercialization and as we continued to scale.”

Brian Nichols, Founder and CEO of Sky Systemz
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