Financing for your customers on your platform

Partner with Capchase to enhance your product suite and build a new revenue stream.

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Embedded Financing
powered by Capchase

Maximize the value-added to your customers by providing them with the financing they need to grow their business.


Made available to companies


Months of average runway added


Faster average ARR growth

A seamless financing experience via API

From light to fully embedded we'll adapt to you and your resources.

Automated data collection, underwriting and financing with capital available in 24h.

Financing as little as $25k or as much as $10M based on what your customers needs when they need it.

Why Capchase?

Building a new business is challenging. With our Embedded Finance API, Partners can offer a financing solution to customers immediately, not in years.

We work with you to accelerate scale, minimize friction, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Enhance your
product suite

Increase engagement and retention by connecting your customers to capital directly in your product.

Grow your revenue

Win net-new business by differentiating your product from the competition. Build a new revenue stream by earning a % of all funded deals.

Financing without
the hassle

Capchase manages the operational challenges a capital funding business requires and we make it easy for you to enable.

Become a source of capital for your customers and achieve greater scale.

Chris Federspiel
Co-Founder & CEO Blackthorn

Capchase allowed us to scale ahead of revenue and helped us build a financial model, with great communication and trust.

Become a source of capital for your customers and achieve greater scale.

Who do we finance?

United States
United Kingdom
The Netherlands
Business model
Software as a Service
Non-SaaS Subscription-based
Contracted revenue
ARR: $250k-100M+
6+ months of revenue history
3 months of runway