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How   achieved 60% growth in MRR with Capchase

Flytxt provides AI-powered solutions to help subscription and usage-based businesses to measure, monitor, and maximize their customer lifetime value with precision and ease. They specialize in the telecom, banking, and fintech industries, helping these companies gain a deep understanding of their customers and products, predict customers’ needs and wants, and take actions across CX workflows to build deeper, more valuable relationships.

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How   tripled their ARR and team through predictable, transparent funding

Fondo is an all-in-one accounting platform for startups, specifically geared to founders in early-stage companies. “Startups are required to file taxes each year, and this requires that their books are in order,” said David J. Phillips, Founder and CEO at Fondo. “If founders don’t have an accounting background or an in-house financial team, it’s a bit of a black box and can take significant time and money—we’re here to handle the headache, while helping to secure your startup’s tax refund.”

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How   used non-dilutive financing to accelerate growth on their terms

Audiense is the leading audience intelligence platform putting consumer segmentation and cultural insights at the center of any strategy. Powered by social data, Audiense helps brands and agencies create better connections by providing critical insights into their audiences.

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How   tripled pipeline and halved their sales cycle with Capchase Pay

CIENCE is a comprehensive B2B lead generation solution. Historically, they operated strictly as a professional services organization, providing companies with target account lists and the ability to hire outsourced SDRs.

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"Having Capchase as a partner in growth financing makes it a seamless process for us to scale when we need to thanks to their flexible terms, ease-of-use, and speed."
Liza Rodewald
Instant Teams
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