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Scale investments with maximum returns by injecting exactly the capital you need, when you need it.

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Finance for less

Remove excess fees related to traditional funding and save up to 50% compared to venture debt.

Lower time-cost

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Invest less time in financing, for the same result and maximize impact of your work.

Scalable solution

Your funding capacity with Capchase grows with your ARR growth.

Don’t dilute

The average founding team stake at exit is 15%. At Capchase, we think it should be higher.

Remove risk

Smooth out the ‘spikes’ of the traditional funding cycle for a stable cash position rather than the stress of a wildly fluctuating one.

Having Capchase as a partner in growth financing makes it a seamless process for us to scale when we need to thanks to their flexible terms, ease-of-use, and speed.

Liza Rodewald · CEO Instant Teams

We had an amazing experience working with Capchase - going from first contact to proceeds in less than three weeks is unheard of in my experience of the venture debt market

Eric Mouilleron · CEO Bankable

Capchase has been amazing. We expect them to be a key partner as we scale, enabling us to grow with substantially higher capital efficiency than we otherwise could have

Cole Johnson · CEO The Looma Project

Capchase's funding offering is unique and was a perfect fit for our needs, but the highlight of our experience has been working with a great team that has taken time to get to know our business and has worked to support us throughout the relationship

Jeff Homer · CEO Ensemble Music Schools

How ARR financing works in  steps

Sync your data

We integrate with the biggest banks and accounting services so you can easily and securely connect with us.

Get your funding overview

We perform a data-driven analysis to determine your Capscore—guaranteeing the best financing for your company.

Access your capital

Once approved, you can immediately draw your capital in our simple and intuitive platform.

Growth Advisors at your service

Our team of Growth Advisors will work directly with you to:

Provide insights on your business health
Create the most flexible terms for your funding
Scale and support your ARR growth

I have never met such a supportive group of people as those who work with us at Capchase. We are so happy with the team and the non-dilutive financing they’ve provided us.

Maria Göthlin, CFO Soundtrack Your Brand

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