Capchase is live in the Nordics

Henrik Grim
Henrik Grim
General Manager of Europe
Posted on
November 30, 2021
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Capchase is live in the Nordics

On Tuesday November 30, Capchase announced our expansion into three new countries: Finland, Sweden and Denmark. We are incredibly excited to grow our presence in the Nordic region, which has long been a hotbed of success in the European tech ecosystem. Capchase has already provided capital to a range of leading companies in the Nordics, such as Soundtrack Your Brand (Spotify for Business).

The move will support Capchase’s mission to empower founders with better financing options by increasing our footprint in Europe. We exist to provide founders of recurring-revenue businesses with the capital they need to grow, on their terms. Since our founding in 2020, we have grown rapidly, making hundreds of millions of non-dilutive funding available to startups in Europe.

Henrik Grim, MD of Europe at Capchase, says: “As a Swedish native it gives me particular pleasure that Capchase is making such a major investment in Scandinavia. I’ve experienced first-hand just how innovative and vibrant the tech scene is in the Nordics. There are thousands of very exciting startups coming through, many of which are hungry for new, more flexible ways of financing their growth.”

Capchase now live in Nordics