Capchase named as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies

Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez
Co-founder & CEO
Posted on
March 2, 2023
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 Capchase named as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies

I’m excited to announce that Capchase has been selected as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2023 in the Finance category. This award recognizes businesses across the globe and across industries who are pioneers in their space, creating meaningful impact through groundbreaking technology and who place their customers’ needs and satisfaction at the heart of their company. 

Given that past winners include world-renowned and well respected juggernauts like Stripe, Microsoft, Canva, and SpaceX, we are honored to be members of this list. 

We’re also the only winner in revenue-based financing, which not only serves as a mark of the hard work and dedication of our internal team over the last three years, but also as a testament to what our customers have achieved: Our customers are the true innovators.

Since our founding in 2020, we’ve made over $1.7 billion in funding available to growing SaaS startups in the markets we serve: allowing them to grow faster with flexible, accessible and non-dilutive capital. We exist to help forward-thinking SaaS technologies accelerate themselves, from building better accounting and bookkeeping software to ensure startups always get their tax refunds to designing cutting-edge audience intelligence platforms so companies can better serve their customers. We’re continuously awed by what our customers are achieving and honored to be part of their growth. 

Throughout 2023 and the years to follow, we’re dedicated to continuing to live up to the name of this award, and to continue to iterate and improve upon our offerings so that we can continue to help SaaS founders scale their companies faster and for the long term. 

To learn more about revenue-based financing and how Capchase can help you grow and scale your business, get in touch with our team.