Capchase Year in Review: Our 2022 Product Releases

David Cheng
David Cheng
VP of Product
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December 12, 2022
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Capchase Year in Review: Our 2022 Product Releases

Capchase’s mission is to help SaaS companies grow faster through capital, insights, tools and community support. Since our founding in 2020, we’ve been focused on building our capital product, Capchase Grow, which helps SaaS founders unlock growth financing by accessing their future revenue upfront.

And due to the stark macroeconomic changes this year—especially in the funding space—coupled with heightened awareness of revenue-based financing (RBF) in general, we’ve seen increased interest in our capital product. That’s why we doubled down on improving and expanding our Grow offering this year.

This summer, we also announced Capchase Analytics: our SaaS benchmarking tool that companies can use to monitor essential business metrics.

In this post, we’ll highlight just a few of the key releases from this year as well as our product plans for 2023.

Improving Grow with integrations, team management, and FAQs

In addition to the brand new releases we created this year, our team focused on expanding the functionality of our core product: Capchase Grow. The three key changes we made were adding new integrations, creating easier team management in our platform, and expanding and improving navigation in our Knowledge Base.

We’ve added integrations with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Freshbooks, KashFlow, Zoho Books, and Netsuite to our platform. This allows you to seamlessly sync your data so you can receive a funding proposal from us faster. Additionally, we updated our data connections with SVB, Bank of America, First Republic, and Chase for an improved user experience.

In terms of improving team management, you can now see a full list of the users at your company in your dashboard. And adding team members to your Capchase account has been streamlined: we’ve created a dedicated button that copies an invite link you can send to your team. Future product updates will allow you to invite users directly in-app and control their permissions. 

Our Knowledge Base is a crucial resource for our customers, helping them navigate our different solutions and how to take advantage of them. This year we released a new and improved version of the Knowledge Base with an extensive section of commonly asked questions. We also added a chatbot feature to make finding information and navigating this resource even easier. 

Launching comprehensive analytics  

Before Capchase, many of our customers spent significant time trying to form a clear picture of how their business was performing—pouring over spreadsheets and trying to reconcile stale data from multiple sources. This often meant they didn’t know how their own business was performing against their peers and what improvements they could make to grow. 

With this in mind, we launched Capchase Analytics this year. Capchase Analytics provides a single dashboard for customers to monitor their business performance in real time. The dashboard reports on crucial metrics such as MRR, net and gross MRR churn, subscriptions, ARPU, and cohort retention rates. This release allows us to provide customers with a truly holistic solution of capital, insights, and tools. 

Partnering with Stripe 

We created a Capchase app with Stripe this year, creating yet another way for SaaS companies to engage with our solutions. With this app, we hope to provide companies who use both Stripe and Capchase with a streamlined process through which they can process their subscriptions. 

Using our Stripe app, you can register and create your company profile with Capchase, including forming connections with your banking, accounting, and Stripe subscription data. With this information, we provide a quick and accurate assessment on the health of your company and extend a financing offer. From there, your company can continuously access their growth capital and keep track of their loans in the Capchase platform. 

Any partner who wants to work with Capchase can quickly onboard with our embedded financing solution. We'd love to serve more customers through amazing partnerships.

Looking ahead to 2023

In the upcoming year, our new releases and product updates will be focused around three primary areas. 

As always, we aim to build our solutions around the needs and feedback of our customers, which is why we’ll be introducing new tools for users to manage their financial health. We’ll also be making more investments across data ingestion and machine learning, which ultimately will lead to faster underwritings for customers.

We will be focusing on building enhanced engagement between you and our Growth Advisors through tools that make communication more efficient and useful. 

Finally, we will also be rolling out new financing solutions altogether and are excited to share more details with you in the months to come. 

Learn more about how our revenue-based financing product, Capchase Grow, can help fund your business here.