How borderless hiring can unlock your growth goals

Janelle van Deventer
Janelle van Deventer
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November 15, 2022
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How borderless hiring can unlock your growth goals

This guide is written by our partners at Deel, the global payment management and compliance solution.

Startups that embrace global talent can scale customer acquisition teams while gaining direct access to new markets, local knowledge, and diverse perspectives.

Customer acquisition teams are crucial growth contributors for startups through the acquisition and retention of their client base. Growing a strong customer acquisition team is becoming increasingly difficult with the lack of skilled local talent.

In a 2022 Global Leadership Monitor Survey, 72% of businesses ranked leader and key employee talent shortage as their top challenge. Startups face even greater challenges during the talent acquisition process since they are mostly unknown, perceived as high-risk, and are still developing their employer branding, which is important for talent attraction.

To overcome talent shortages, talent acquisition teams must look to international talent pools. Keep reading to discover how you can build global hiring into your recruitment strategy to unlock the global job market and build powerful customer acquisition teams to hit short-term goals.

What is global talent acquisition?

Global talent acquisition is the process of identifying and acquiring top talent worldwide to build a skilled team that will help your company meet business goals. When you leverage a global talent acquisition strategy, startups can compete both locally and on a global scale.

Check out this complete guide on international expansion for a walk-through of everything you need to know before going global.

Close skill gaps by sourcing remote workers from emerging talent hubs

With global hiring, hiring managers can access fresh talent from hubs instead of spending months searching for qualified candidates that aren’t available locally.

Different regions foster different talent pools and skill sets depending on economies, governments, and the prioritization of educational systems. The first step to finding the right talent is to pinpoint the skills your business requires and then target the foreign markets that have an abundance of potential candidates with those skills.

Top tip: The international recruitment process starts with a strong job description. In your job posting, include your expectations for the role. Is the opportunity fully remote, does it require relocation or travel, and are there any time zone requirements? Providing this information up-front will set clear expectations, help to accelerate the hiring process, and provide a better candidate experience.

Boost team diversity and inclusion and gain fresh perspectives

With global hiring, companies can hire customer acquisition specialists from different cultural backgrounds to improve their DEI initiatives and provide existing teams with diverse insights and perspectives.

Diverse workforces have stronger financial outcomes since they are better positioned to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Some sources state the cash flows of diverse companies are 2.3 times higher than those of companies with more monolithic teams.

In addition, diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets than organizations that do not actively recruit and support talent from under-represented groups. Diverse perspectives can challenge cultural preconceptions, leading to innovation and inspiring new ideas.

As a company’s customer acquisition team becomes more diverse, it must also become more inclusive as it adapts to become more culturally sensitive and aware. Diverse and inclusive company culture creates a stronger sense of belonging, resulting in enhanced employee experience, increased employee performance, and lower turnover.
Improve global mobility and your ability to pivot in an ever-evolving market

With global hiring, you’re more likely to attract customer acquisition personnel interested in remote work, travel, and relocation opportunities since these candidates will already be looking for international work opportunities.

Building a mobile workforce helps your business better adapt to market developments, as you can simply relocate your talent where you need it. This mobility is valuable for international business expansion, giving your startup the ability to test new markets, form connections, and establish local knowledge.

Mobility also benefits workers, providing them with the following:

  • Valuable career development and learning opportunities 
  • An enhanced employee experience 
  • Greater job satisfaction and improved retention metrics 
  • An employee journey aligned with personal goals  
  • Improved work-life-balance

With more and more job seekers expecting mobility as part of their professional development at some point in their careers, sourcing willing candidates is easy.

A 2022 study from Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts reveals that Millennial (65%) and Gen Z (59%) consumers are more inclined to work for a company that offers frequent travel or flexible (work + leisure) travel possibilities as part of their career. In addition, 78% of expats are able to work remotely, which means you can relocate your employees virtually anywhere.

Providing your workforce with travel opportunities gives your startup a competitive advantage when attracting top candidates. However, relocating an employee can be a complex and lengthy process.

At Deel, we handle the entire visa process in-house. We assess your employee’s eligibility, employ them through our EOR solution, and streamline the visa application process, taking the burden off your human resources team and improving your global mobility.

Access untapped and emerging markets and gain local market knowledge and experience

With global hiring, startups can benefit from the support of a local customer acquisition specialist on the ground.

Hiring a remote worker based in a new country or location is a great way to access local knowledge and firsthand experience. Also, if you’re only testing the new market and haven’t opened a local entity, a local worker can contribute to your credibility and enhance your company’s presence.

You can also count on the local worker to help you overcome language barriers as they likely speak the local language. These language skills put your customer acquisition expert in an excellent position to identify, recruit and onboard local candidates, resolve legal compliance matters, and communicate with local partners and clients.

If you want to hire in a country where you don’t already have a legal entity, use an employer of record (EOR) provider such as Deel to employ the worker on your behalf.

With Deel on your side, you can legally hire full-time employees or independent contractors in over 150 countries in minutes and get support with the following:

Top tip: Once you’ve found the right candidate, you need to understand the cost of hiring them. You can use Deel’s cost calculator and salary insights to determine the total cost, including benefits, taxes, and average pay rate for a position in a particular region.

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