How fundraising is changing for founders

Afshan Qureshi
Afshan Qureshi
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February 17, 2022
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How fundraising is changing for founders

This article was originally published on Hum Capital. Learn more about Hum.

On February 15th, 2022, Capchase joined Hum Capital and Brex to discuss the ways private capital markets are changing today. The panel featured:

  • Ben Wu, Brex Asset Management CEO
  • Blair Silverberg, Hum Capital CEO
  • Lucinda Shen, Axios Fintech Reporter (moderator)
  • Miguel Larrea Fernandez, Capchase CEO

Watch the replay and read below for a short summary of our key takeaways:

This webinar was a first-of-its-kind conversation that shed light on the rapid changes happening in the private capital markets. Topics discussed included:

  • How Capchase and Brex Asset Management serve their customers in the fundraising process
  • How Hum’s marketplace connects companies to Capchase, Brex, and other capital providers
  • Why debt and non-dilutive financing is becoming a more popular method of financing for companies (Hint: platforms like Brex Asset Management, Capchase, and Hum Capital unlock access to new capital sources)
  • Why it’s so important to think about how you finance your business – in particular, panelists discussed sensitivity to who is on the cap table and overall cost of capital
  • Understanding the source of your source of capital (and the cost of your capital)
  • How data and platform plays are driving the rapid acceleration of underwriting for private companies

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