Introducing our new look

Guli Moreno
Guli Moreno
Co-founder & VP Platform
Posted on
October 20, 2021
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Introducing our new look

As the world goes digital - with Fintech at the forefront - how our products feel and what our brand conveys becomes increasingly important. From day one, we’ve cared a lot about building beautiful things at Capchase. We work really hard to change the game for startups and their teams, but we couldn’t quite express what we’re creating for them in the way we wanted - until now.

Today, we’re excited to share a new visual identity for Capchase. We’ve got a fresh logo, typeface, colors and a brand new site.   

We found huge value in revisiting our mission—studying what had changed and what hadn’t— how it had become so much broader than where we started out, and developing a design system that reflected that. 

We wanted something that broke the mold of “business finance” and captured both the variety of businesses we work with and the simplicity of our product. 

Our new logo and a need for speed

The average fundraise takes 30 meetings to get to a term sheet. One of the reasons we started Capchase was to reduce that burden (with us, founders can get funded in as little as 48 hours), so speed needed to be a core part of our visual identity. 

We’re particularly proud of the new logo; it was the design element that went through the most iterations by far. If you look in the absent space you can see a double ‘fast-forward’ button: representing movement, progression and pace.

Modularity for a moving roadmap

At Capchase we love systems. We opted for a modular design so that we could use different iterations for each product we launched. All of our elements - including the logo - are based on a very simple geometric shape that can be rotated and repeated to generate new logos and patterns.

You’ll see the geometric design adapts with each product iteration, an important part of a brand system built for longevity as we expand to new products (watch this space on that).

Patterns, typography and color

You’ll see this wavy, fluid pattern in use throughout the site. To us, this represented liquidity in business. And to be honest, it just looks really cool. 

Some of our shapes are also animated to further depict motion (like our customers, we can’t keep still).

We wanted a clean typeface that wasn’t distracting (our copy is already working hard enough - shaping a new industry can be complex to explain!), so we used a geometric san-serif named ES Build for its simplicity and neutrality. The rounded features go hand-in-hand with the wavy illustrations, and it works well for both  headings as well as body copy and you can control the level of neutrality with some nifty CSS features. 

When it came to color, we intentionally chose vibrant hues that were far, far away from the signature “finance” blues. Our pallet includes bold shades with a hero “Capchase purple” for CTAs and our core product.

Finally, a word on our creative partner who pulled this all together: we opted for an independent digital designer, Sebastian Graz, based in Amsterdam. He has more than a decade of experience delivering branding work for a wide range of global clients including Volvo, Canon, Framer and Saatchi & Saatchi. Working with him has been absolute bliss, not only in bringing our abstract ideas to a real canvas, but also going above and beyond, exploring paths we hadn’t even considered. Thank you Seb!

We found that having an independent creative partner who was unconstrained from an agency environment was the best way to build with us.

We’d love for you to explore our new site and tell us what you think on Twitter.

Here’s to a fresh new look and to building with you. Let’s go! 🚀