Introducing the Capchase Fintech Futures Program

Guli Moreno
Guli Moreno
Co-founder & VP Platform
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June 22, 2021
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Introducing the Capchase Fintech Futures Program

We're looking for the best students around the world who want to grow into the future of fintech. Come build at one of the fastest growing startups on the planet.

Here at Capchase, we live and breathe by the rules of exponential growth. We believe in a pragmatic approach to building products, teams and companies that allows us to move fast and truly disrupt our market. In our 12 months of existence, we've accomplished things that we believe are only possible because we strive for the exponential:

  • Raised a $125M series A from the world's best fintech investor.
  • Gone from 0 to +60 super bright teammates from all over the planet.
  • Built a remote team that works across 12 cities and 4 timezones.
  • Exploded from $0 to +$1B in financeable ARR.
  • Made available +$390M to help SaaS companies grow faster and let founders focus on what matters.
  • Launched an amazing platform with amazing Tech to put FinOps on autopilot.

But this exponential growth can only be achieved with exponential people. That's why we're announcing our Fintech Futures Program – a program for students and recent grads to dive deep into the fintech scene. We're looking for the kids of today that will build the fintechs of tomorrow, and we're offering a platform to help them learn, build and grow exponentially. You'll work with the brightest and most humble minds around in one of the fastest growing companies on the planet.

We can promise you this will be a life-changing experience, and a launchpad into the exciting world of technology and entrepreneurship. If you dream of one day building your own startup, there is no better place to start than here.

Who We Are

You may be wondering. "What even is Capchase? I've never heard of them" – and that's ok. We've only been in the market for 8 months, but our numbers are that of companies with 8 years of track record. Our investors include  Bling Capital (Airtable, Gitlab, Lyft, Square…), SciFI (Stripe, Brex...), Caffeinated (OpenDoor, Airtable…) – and most recently QED, the best lendtech investor in the world with 19 unicorns in their portfolio. We want to be their 20th.

We've raised +$190M in less than 12 months to transform the way recurring revenue companies (e.g. SaaS) grow and financed themselves. Our goal is to put FinOps on autopilot, so that the people that put together these companies can focus on what matters: building excellent products and distributing them.

We've managed to put together a wonderful team from places like Google, PayPal, Harvard, Berkeley or Oxford – with whom you'll get to work directly.

Who We're Looking For

We're looking for brilliant, humble and committed students who have a demonstrated track record of excellence.

If you're in the Top 10% of your class, in the last year of your degree (BSc. MSc or PhD), or have graduated less than 12 months ago, you are eligible to apply. From there, our selection process will help us decide how what you show us fits into our core values.

Our Values

Builder Attitude

We love building stuff. We are committed to crafting great Products and enjoy every minute of it. We like to experiment and learn and embrace the chaos that comes with starting from scratch.

Intellectual Humility

We want smart people that can dream things that escape the rest of the people. But we recognize that we don't have all the answers and that everybody else is also extremely smart. We differentiate facts from assumptions and opinions.

Yes Before No

We want crazy, audacious and revolutionary ideas. We want to do what everybody else thinks is impossible. We want to try new things, make mistakes and improve.

Work Hard and Smart

We are building a new category and we execute fast. By working harder than everybody else, we achieve compounded impact and a competitive advantage. We don't just work smart, we also put in the work.

Disagree and Commit

We have ideas and opinions and we voice them when we think they improve anything we do. We defend them and argument them and try to spot flaws in our own or others' reasoning.


We have two open tracks for the Fintech Futures program.

Engineering Track

Perfect for top students at Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics programs etc... You'll be working with incredible talent from places like Google or Oxford, building the features that make up our Core product and our internal processes. There is space for Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Product Managers.

Business Track

No code? No problem! If you're considering top consulting, law, and investment banking firms, you might as well add Capchase to the list. You'll sit at the forefront of the business, helping set up the growth infrastructure while assessing new revenue opportunities. We have a spot for Finance experts, Growth champs, Operations enthusiasts and more!

Both tracks have a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your needs.

Maintain independence and raise money your way
Get financed

What You Get

Because we're looking for the best, we also want to offer the best conditions. During this 6-month program you'll get to work on some of the most exciting projects in the company, and have real and immediate impact. You won't be an intern, you'll be a fully integrated member of a high performance team.

We also believe top performers should be compensated accordingly. Top percentile students get top percentile salary here at Capchase.

How To Apply

Pretty simple stuff. Just follow the following links to get started: