Kreos Capital Review

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August 30, 2022
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Kreos Capital Review

Kreos Capital is a growth debt firm that provides financing solutions for high-growth companies in Europe and Israel. Kreos Capital is based in London, England.

Since its establishment in 1998, Kreos Capital has invested over €3.7 billion in more than 550 pan-European and Israeli high-growth companies. These companies span the technology and healthcare industries.

About Kreos Capital

Kreo Capital was founded by Maurizio PetitBon and Ross Ahlgren in 1998 and has grown to become one of Europe's largest growth debt providers to high-growth companies. Kreos Capital has completed over 450 transactions and committed €1.8 billion to teams in 14 different countries since 1998.

Since Kreos Capital's establishment, it has raised a total of €1.3B across three funds. The company's latest fundraising is for Kreos Capital VI. This fund was announced on Feb 6, 2019, and has raised a total of €700M.

Kreos has a multi-national team, with offices in Stockholm, London, and Tel Aviv which allows them to cover European markets. Kreos Capital focuses on equity investing, debt financing, and entrepreneurship. Kreos Capital has made investments in over 120 companies. Their most recent investment was on Jun 7, 2022, when Treasury Intelligence

Solutions raised €50M (Source - August 2022)

Also, since its establishment, Kreos Capital has been a part of 46 successful exits. The two most prominent were with Currencycloud, a startup that provides a cloud-based B2B cross-border payment platform, and VectivBio, a biotechnology company.

Eligibility and Products Offered

Kreos Capital's mission is to provide financing solutions for high-growth companies across Europe and the Middle East. Kreos Capital has a track record of financing companies in fintech, software, cybersecurity, semiconductors, digital marketing, and health. In addition, Kreos often lends to venture-backed early-stage startups because of their established relationship with several venture capital firms.

Recently, Enterprise B2B payments pioneer TIS reported a new loan facility with Kreos Capital had been successfully arranged, giving TIS access to €50 million for future expansion (Source - August 2022). Other past deals show that interest rates typically range from 5% - 12% (Source - August 2022.

How to Apply

To apply for funding with Kreos Capital individuals should contact the Kreos team by visiting their contact page. There, they can request contact from a member of their investment team (Source - August 2022).

Capchase vs. Kreos Capital

In addition to financing using venture debt from Kreos Capital, founders and startups can work with Capchase. When compared to Kreos Capital, Capchase’s funding model is designed to remove excess fees that can save clients up to 50% when compared to traditional venture debt providers (Source – June 2022).

It can be helpful to see the differences between Capchase and Kreos Capital side-by-side. This is especially true for key areas like speed to funding, flexibility, structure & fees, and value add.



24 hours to underwrite (led by a tech-driven & highly responsive underwriting system)

Kreos Capital

Often an extended diligence process



Highly Flexible: No traditional financial covenants on amounts financed

Kreos Capital

Fairly flexible: No minimum net worth, working capital, current ratio, quick asset ratio, liquidity ratio, or debt-to-equity ratio is required to apply

Structure & Fees


Transparent & Simple: No prepayment fees, closing fees, warrants, or hidden fees

Kreos Capital

May include terms around prepayment, expensive closing process, warrants, admin fees

Value Add


A prescriptive funding plan

Kreos Capital

Discrete funding events

Maintain independence and raise money your way
Get financed