Sastrify and Capchase Partnership Announcement

Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez
Co-founder & CEO
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September 22, 2022
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Sastrify and Capchase Partnership Announcement

Today marks the launch of our exciting new partnership with Sastrify, the global automated SaaS procurement platform. Together, we will offer a ‘Save Now, Pay Later’  program that will let Sastrify’s high-growth customers extend their runways and take advantage of business opportunities, all while reducing their financial risk.

Sastrify customers that qualify for the ‘Save Now, Pay Later’ program can expect up to 30 percent savings off their SaaS and cloud costs. Capchase finances the SaaS subscriptions they purchase through Sastrify, so they can defer their payments by paying on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. That means saving money upfront on new licenses and renewals, preserving their runway, using a method that increases their operating efficiencies.

“The current economic climate requires that cost-savings and efficiency are top of mind for everyone,” explains Sastrify’s CEO and co-founder, Sven Lackinger. “Our partnership with Capchase reflects our dedication to ensuring that companies save time and money on their SaaS, freeing them up to run their businesses and grow faster.”

Sastrify helps high growth companies get the best deals when buying and renewing SaaS subscriptions: they have already helped companies like international grocery delivery provider, Gorillas, save more than seven figures on their SaaS costs. And Capchase’s mission, as a growth partner to ambitious SaaS companies, is to help founders and CFOs grow their businesses faster: we have added 5,000+ months of runway to the SaaS industry.

By working together on ‘Save Now, Pay Later’, we can meet both of our aims and provide a means for ambitious businesses to grow and extend their runways while getting the best deals on their SaaS subscriptions.

“Our partnership with Sastrify is an important part of our mission to help innovative SaaS companies grow by using our non-dilutive financing options,” said Capchase CEO and co-founder Miguel Fernandez. “Alternative finance has a vital role to play in offering fast and flexible financing solutions that can support businesses, especially during difficult economic times. By working with Sastrify, we will be able to help many companies significantly reduce their SaaS and cloud costs and to pay for those products on their terms. Not only will this enable them to extend their runways, it will support the wider SaaS industry by providing these startups with more financial certainty.”

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