What we built this quarter - March 2022

Peri Langlois
Peri Langlois
Product Marketing Manager
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March 31, 2022
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What we built this quarter - March 2022

Knowledge Base

We never want there to be any barriers to entry or roadblocks in your journey with Capchase. To ensure you always have access to the information you need, we released a new and improved Knowledge Base with answers to every commonly asked question. You can also access all Knowledge Base articles right in the app through our chatbot.

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Embedded API

With the release of our Embedded Financing API, our partners can now offer Capchase funding solutions directly to their customers through their platforms. The embedded solution enables partners to enhance their product suite, win net-new business, and grow revenue all while Capchase handles the operational challenges of funding.

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Dashboard redesign

In order to make the Capchase platform user experience even smoother, we refreshed the dashboard to ensure the full suite of Capchase tools are at your fingertips and make room for even more products being released this year.

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Universal data onboarding

You can get your funding proposal from Capchase faster than ever with seamless data connection right in the platform. Integrations with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Freshbooks, KashFlow, Zoho Books, Netsuite, and more make it easy for you to sync your data in just a few clicks. In addition, the SVB, Bank of America, First Republic, and Chase data connection process is much improved.

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Team management

You can now find a list of all Capchase users in your company as well as a button to invite new users. Right now this button only copies an invite link, but soon you’ll be able to invite in-app and control user permissions.

In-flight debits

We're taking another step towards integrating our payment system with the Capchase interface. Now you can see the live status of your debits, meaning there will no longer be confusion on when a debit is processed or not.

Auth0 login / Google login

We now support social login, which allows you to sign up and login with your Google account or Xero account. Under the hood, this sets us up to continue working on permissions and team management for the Capchase platform.

Accounting-friendly tables and CSV downloads

We know how important it is that everything we produce at Capchase can be used by every stakeholder on your team. Because of this, we incorporated feedback to reformat our draw tables to be more useful for accountants, as well as provide a CSV download for seamless book-keeping.

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Monthly statements

To help make your lives a bit more organized, you’ll now receive an email on the first of every month summarizing your Capchase activity, including outstanding and repaid summaries.

Bank account management

You can change your connected bank account from the settings tab of your Capchase dashboard. Here you can change your connected account or connect a new payment method.

Complete transactions

Another long-awaited feature, you can now see all your past transactions right in the app without having to contact your Growth Advisor.

There’s much more to come from Capchase this year and thanks to our recent Series B round we’ll have the resources to hit our goals. Stay tuned for new products and features to provide the most flexible, scalable, and transparent growth funding on the market.

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