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How Ensemble Music Schools orchestrated their growth with Capchase

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Jeff Homer founded Ensemble Music Schools in 2019 to enable smooth administration of music teachers' day-to-day operations and allow them to focus entirely on nurturing the creative talents of tomorrow. What started as a passion project combining Jeff's love for learning music and his professional knowledge of investing has become a multi-million dollar consolidator business in the music teaching industry.

Currently, Ensemble Music Schools is operating in the US with a presence in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, San Francisco, Texas,  Washington DC. Twenty music academies/schools in ten states are part of their growing network.

Ensemble Music Schools provides a unique software platform that saves time for teachers by taking care of essential administrative tasks such as class scheduling, marketing, and accounting. Its capabilities include guiding students with individual evaluations, designing personalized learning plans and one-on-one supervision throughout their learning journey.

Additionally, teachers get the benefit of Ensemble Music School's professional marketing tools that are not usually accessible in a privately run studio. They provide a holistic solution to help the musical community engage with new audiences and expand their reach. The goal of Ensemble Music School is to introduce music into people’s lives and create a unique platform for music teachers to thrive.

Ensemble Music Schools touched upon specific pain points and came up with a distinct solution that helped music teachers focus on their creativity. As a result, the company grew quickly by acquiring more academies as clients, which eventually enabled it to pay off its bank loans.

Fueled by the positive response, Ensemble Schools thought of expanding further without diluting the existing shares. They were looking for an agile solution to support their growth plans while staying in the banks' good graces.

That was the moment when the company struck the right chords by partnering with Capchase.

Capchase helped Ensemble Schools to sustain their rapid growth momentum by providing them with a solution within 2 weeks after the first conversation with the company. After conducting a thorough evaluation and underwriting process, Capchase offered a credit limit that covered the startup's funding needs at a transparent cost of capital. Ensemble Schools chose this option, as it allowed them to avoid diluting their shares (which is what they would've done if they'd taken the VC route).

In addition, Capchase helped them streamline their operation and focus on growing their business with constant monitoring and guidance by the Capchase team. Ensemble CEO said:

"Capchase's funding offering is unique and was a perfect fit for our needs, but the highlight of our experience has been working with a great team that has taken time to get to know our business and has worked to support us throughout the relationship."

Ultimately, Capchase's operation speed, minimum business interference during the fundraising process, and access to the total capital in hand added to the scale and convinced the Jeff and his team to take the unconventional funding path while focusing on their rapid company growth.
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