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How Reiz Tech sustained its growth trajectory using Capchase

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Reiz Tech started its IT business 16 years ago in Lithuania’s capital city, Vilnius. Since then, it has been integral in developing the country’s tech industry. Today, the company is considered one of the pioneers and leaders in Lithuania’s IT sector.

With a team of 200 employees, Reiz Tech delivers custom software solutions for clients globally, among which are fortune 500 companies. It has successfully completed projects for industries such as finance, insurance, travel, energy, retail, and others. In 2020, Reiz Tech’s output increased by 27 percent, reaching EUR 6.6 million.


With deep expertise in technologies including Linux, C#, Oracle, JavaScript, React, Amazon Web Services, and more, the company supports businesses at every step of their strategic initiatives.

Managing a growing business is not an easy task, as it requires unfaltering commitment to continue an upward growth trajectory. To sustain their growth momentum, Reiz Tech needed a reliable source of working capital. 


The company experienced challenges in accessing traditional methods of financing such as bank loans because financial institutions were not able to understand Reiz’s Saas-based business model.

Furthermore, the banks operated slowly, which meant that Reiz could not immediately secure non-dilutive investment to fuel their expansion plans further.

Reiz Tech’s search for a funding partner concluded when they learned about Capchase. Since then, they have been continuously supported in their growth path, with a rapid, white-glove customer experience and a systematic approach to finance, allowing them to draw what they need, when they need it.

“Capchase’s revenue financing and expense financing are a game-changer for us. Their excellent level of service and continuous support allows us to move fast, which results in us spending less time jumping through hoops for financing, and more time focusing on growing the business.”

Reiz Tech used both the revenue and expense financing options that Capchase offers to unlock its true potential. The result has been more than rewarding - without the need to chase banks or investors, the company can now focus on taking their business to the next level.

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