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TrayAway Uses Capchase Grow to Support a Deal with the World’s Largest Hotel Company

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TrayAway is a global leader in hotel efficiency, reducing manual labor and guesswork by optimizing room service tray retrieval processes through Wi-Fi-enabled tray and trolley tracking in one intuitive dashboard. Their platform increases staff productivity and decreases daily labor expenses for luxury hotels in 30 countries worldwide. Their customers include nearly every major hotel brand. 

Before Capchase

TrayAway’s solution includes a small hardware component combined with their SaaS platform. Because their deal size varies depending on the hotel size, the company doesn’t keep a large amount of hardware inventory in stock. 

As they grew, they knew that it was only a matter of time before a large deal required a significant upfront hardware, headcount, or development expenditure, so they signed up for Capchase Grow to be ready when the moment came. 

Choosing Capchase

When TrayAway became a Capchase Grow customer, they weren’t in immediate need of funding. Rather, they wanted to establish a solid relationship with a financing partner they could trust and one who would be ready to support them when needed, whether that need was to fill a cash gap or to support growth initiatives through operational, product development, or hardware financing.

After considering and working with other financing partners in the past, TrayAway chose to partner with Capchase moving forward. “We really appreciated the straightforward and streamlined experience we had with the Capchase team,” said TrayAway co-founder and CEO Josh Johnston. He added, “A founder’s time is of the essence, and Capchase clearly understood and respected that. In addition, their platform and process made it an easy decision.”

Capchase Grow in action

After getting approved for their funding capacity and making their first draw, TrayAway invested in marketing spending, which paid off quickly. Shortly after that, TrayAway finalized an agreement with the largest hotel company in the world. Deals of this scale require large inventory to be delivered in a short turnaround period so TrayAway is utilizing Capchase to support their inventory financing needs.

Increased efficiency with Capchase

TrayAway’s mission is to help some of the world’s largest luxury hotels increase efficiency and reduce manual labor. They value streamlined processes and transparency across platforms.

“We appreciate how the Capchase platform provides key insights we’re not tracking in other platforms. It’s simple, clear, and helpful,” said CEO Josh Johnston. 

Staying prepared for future growth

TrayAway signed up for Capchase Grow before they had a tangible need for growth capital. This strategic move allowed them to increase brand awareness and move quickly when their additional marketing spend brought in one of the biggest deals in their company's history. 

Without worrying about being able to afford a large hardware order, TrayAway could negotiate and close the deal from a strong position, knowing that they had Capchase Grow funding already available. 

Capchase Grow funding scales alongside TrayAway’s predicted ARR as they grow, meaning that funding will always be available at proportional levels. Finally, TrayAway will only pay for what they use, allowing them to invest in strategic growth levers for a more sustainable future. 

Learn how much funding your company qualifies for using our Capchase Grow calculator.

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