B2B SaaS Sales Cycles in 2023: New Insights and Data

Your ultimate guide to the post-downturn B2B SaaS sales environment, as reported by 1800+ SaaS companies.

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What’s in this report?

This report looks at data from 1800+ SaaS companies to determine how B2B SaaS sales have changed since 2022, why these changes have occurred, and what revenue leaders can do to improve their sales performance despite the difficult macroeconomic environment.
It includes:

The self-reported sentiment from 500 SaaS revenue leaders regarding how sales cycle lengths, discounts, and ACVs have changed since the downturn.
Financial performance data from 1200+ SaaS companies regarding how CAC, LTV, ARPU, MRR, and other sales metrics have changed between mid-2022 and 2023.
Data on how sales performance varies across companies with different approaches to payments and pricing, and companies in different quartiles of R40 performance.
How actual performance data complements or contradicts self-reported sales performance from top revenue leaders.
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B2B SaaS Sales Cycles in 2023: New Insights and Data

Understand how to navigate the current sales environment

Download your copy of this report to understand the most significant takeaways on how B2B SaaS companies can best navigate the current sales environment, including:

What you can do about the longer negotiations and extra stakeholders that have slowed down sales processes.

Why flexible payments may be the saving grace to shortening sales cycles and increasing revenue.

5 extra tips on how to improve your sales process to minimize leakage, wasted time, and lost leads.

Get the scoop on sales.

Discover how your sales performance stacks up against industry norms and how to improve it.

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