Capchase’s latest research on early-stage performance

The Pulse of SaaS IV: Navigating the New Normal

See how your company’s performance compares to your industry peers and learn the strategies top businesses are employing to thrive in today’s market.

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What’s in this report?

We analyze over 700 early-stage SaaS businesses to see which industries have proven to be the most resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Read the report to:

Know how your performance compares to that of peers in your vertical.
See how Capchase’s best-performing customers have responded to the downturn.
Identify which industries show the most promise.
Understand the market trends that are affecting your performance.
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What you need to know about SaaS performance in 2023

Although the market has stabilized a bit since the end of 2022, the startup environment is still plagued with uncertainty. Everything from a lack of clarity on when venture funding levels will return to normal to worries that the startup landscape has been permanently altered are preventing leaders from knowing what they should do to succeed in this new environment.

Here are some of the most important insights from this report that you need to know:

Companies in the real estate sector have shown better-than-expected resilience with healthy margins and efficient growth. 

Despite being viewed as a safe play in a downturn, businesses in the healthcare sector have been outperformed by peers in other industries.

SaaS startups that provide financial services have remained focused on growth and are heavily invested in product development.

Top-performing businesses across various sectors have increased their headcount, contrasting the widespread layoffs seen in the tech industry at large.

Industries covered in this report

For each sector we cover, you’ll find average performance in ARR growth, net margin, gross margin, rule of 40, logo and MRR retention, LTV/CAC, headcount, expenses/MRR, CAC/expenses, runway, and ARR/headcount.

We also share our expert analysts’ views on what’s driving these trends and provide real-life examples of how best-in-class businesses are mitigating the worst effects of the downturn.

The industries we cover are:

Consumer goods and services
Customer acquisition and engagement services
Corporate services
Financial services
Data and cloud solutions
Industrial solutions
Real estate and construction
Health and life sciences
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