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Link your banking and ad platform revenue sources via the Capchase portal.

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Capchase will approve your request within an hour and payment in as little as 24 hours.

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Use your earnings to reinvest in your business. Repay your monthly balance on a rolling basis once your ad platform pays you. 

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Collect your expected monthly revenue whenever you want. 


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Pay a single and transparent fee with no dilution or debt.

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What Founders Say About Us:

“Capchase is helping us to grow faster. It’s a great way to fuel growth in a non-dilutive manner. We’re not doing anything differently, but now we can do everything faster”

Doug Ludlow, CEO at Mainstreet

"Using Capchase's product allows us to smoothen out our cash flow profile, enabling us to invest more consistently and heavily into growth. The flexibility of the Capchase platform is great, and we couldn't be happier with our partnership."

Marta Zaragozá, CEO at Declarando

"Capchase is the financial partner we needed 2 years ago, I wish I found them sooner."

Chris Federspiel, CEO of Blackthorn


What is Capchase?

Capchase provides flexible, scalable, and non-dilutive capital to tech-enabled companies with predictable revenues - think SaaS, subscription, contract-based revenue or digital media. Instead of the traditional debt financing process which can take many months, we simply ask publishers and app partners to connect their banking and Admob or Adsense information with the Capchase dashboard to generate a funding proposal within minutes.

When it comes to digital media, we provide near-immediate access to publishers' expected earnings from ad monetization and IAP revenues that would otherwise be paid approximately 30 days after the close of the current month. Instead of having to wait until the period closes, you can make a funding request on your own terms, on-demand at any point during the month. Once you are paid by your ad platform - typically 30 days after the end of the period - Capchase will debit you for the funded amount, plus a small fee. As simple as that.

How are you different from invoice factoring?

Capchase's model is very different from invoice factoring. Instead of running underwriting on your payors and forcing you to redirect invoice payment to us, we simply underwrite your company, fund you, and collect back from you. We make it a point to have no relationship with your clients to make sure there's no friction.

What's the cost of using Capchase to bring forward revenue?

Capchase charges a single flat fee, applied as a discount upfront when you submit a funding request. We come up with a daily rate which is then multiplied by the number of days before we will be repaid for you to have the most accurate, and reasonable pricing.

Are there any minimum criteria for applying?

We have a few basic criteria for applying: 

1. US-based company.

2. Minimum 6 months of revenue generating history.

3. Minimum of 100k/mo USD in overall Admob/Adense revenues.

4. Minimum of 3 months’ cash runway based on last 6 months of operating burn.

Do I need to draw a minimum amount?

Our only restriction is that your funding request be equal to at least $25,000 USD.

How often can I request funding?

Whenever you'd like! Typically we see that active clients will make funding requests on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

What does repayment look like?

Repayment is simple; once the period ends, we batch together outstanding balances for the current period, and make a single debit at the end of the following month.