Close more deals, up to 10x faster.

Shorten sales cycles and secure a higher ACV without the need for discounts.

A seamless sales experience for you and your customers

Fully integrated

Manage, create, and send quotes for prospects natively in Hubspot, Salesforce, or your other existing CRM.

Close high-value deals easily

Close annual contracts at a high ACV without discounts or needing to secure full payment immediately.

Accelerate the sales process

Eliminate negotiations over pricing and slash your average sales cycle in half.

Sync your data

From lite to fully embedded solution so you can offer financing inside your experience.

Get your Capscore

Automated data collection, underwriting and financing with capital available in 24h.

Access your capital

Financing as little as $25k or as much as $10M based on what your customers needs when they need it.

Negotiate terms—not price

When the upfront payment is a fraction of the full ACV, long negotiations over price are eliminated.

Expand your prospect base

Start selling to more prospects that used to be off the table due to budget constraints.

Decrease friction

Cut through red tape and long procurements by eliminating one of the most time-consuming blockers in the sales process: price.

Increase conversions and renewals

Get more conversions and renewals, even from prospects with irregular cash flow or tight margins.

Close more deals at higher ACVs

Earn more for yourself and your company by closing more long-term, high-value contracts—without extended negotiations or discounts.

"It’s easy for our customers to justify a $30,000 deal, but a $170,000 deal isn’t as easy. Capchase Pay gives our customers—who don’t have the means to switch to higher-value contracts—the bridge to do so.”

Vince Heaton, VP of Sales at CIENCE

The revenue accelerator for SaaS funding

How Pay works in steps

Quote and close quickly

Offer customers flexible payment terms that fit their needs, whether that’s monthly, biannually, or annually so you can shorten your sales cycle.

Secure the full ACV immediately

While we handle all the billing and payment management with your customer, you get the full value of every contract you close up front.

Forget about the follow-up

Collections and reconciliation with customers are handled by us, leaving your team free to tackle the next lead.


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