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Capchase x Mercury: Growth funding for SaaS founders

Learn about the best funding pathways to fuel your SaaS startup's growth, including options that go beyond venture capital, the ideal choices for different growth stages, and how to balance alternative funding options with traditional equity to scale successfully.

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Webinar: Growth Funding for SaaS Founders: Capchase x Mercury

Raising capital is essential for feeding your startup’s growth, but venture capital often leaves founders regretful about diluting ownership in their business or borrowing more money than they need.

Listen to Capchase Co-Founder and CEO, Miguel Fernández, and Mercury Head of Capital, Jason Garcia, discuss growth financing options for SaaS startups that go beyond traditional venture capital.

They’ll share expert insights on which funding options are best for different stages of growth, how to balance different funding options with traditional venture equity, and how to scale—no matter what funding pathway you choose.

"Capchase is helping us to grow faster. It’s a great way to fuel growth in a non-dilutive manner. We’re not doing anything differently, but now we can do everything faster."

Tim Hasse
General Provision

“What ultimately drew us to Capchase over other funding options was the tailored plan they crafted for us that met our requirements and goals.”

Carlos Serra
Corporate Development Director

"Having Capchase as a partner in growth financing makes it a seamless process for us to scale when we need to thanks to their flexible terms, ease-of-use, and speed."

Liza Rodewald
Instant Teams

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