Celebrating women in entrepreneurship and financing


It’s well known that women have a harder time finding success in the business and finance world due to an inherently biased system that’s stacked against them. Globally, only 2% of funding went to female-founded teams in 2021, 

For Women’s History Month 2022, 4 talented women have gathered to discuss the unique challenges women face in the tech, finance, and entrepreneurial spaces; and how women working in these spaces can overcome them.

Listen to Co-Founder and CEO at BoldVoice Anada Lakra, Principal at QED Investors Camila Key Saruhashi, Co-Founder and CEO at Instant Teams Liza Rodewald, and Founder and CEO at Looop Moriya Blumenfeld discuss how they’ve worked to #Breakthebias by carving out incredible careers, defying the odds, and creating businesses and products that are new and exciting.

You’ll also learn about the good, the bad, and the future of the fundraising landscape for female founders and financial leaders, including how female founders can utilize alternative financing methods.

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