Celebrating female entrepreneurs and leaders in financing

We’re celebrating Women's History Month & International Women’s Day 2022 by highlighting some exceptional women in startups and finance.

Female entrepreneurship powers the global economy


Startups with at least one female founder worldwide


Businesses worldwide owned by women


Funding raised by female founders globally


Revenue generated worldwide by female-led businesses

But there’s still work to be done

Pay gap

On average, US women's earnings are at around 80% of the average man's, though this varies significantly between race, occupation, and geography.

Achievement gap

With 80% of founders worldwide being male, female founders are still finding it difficult to get funding or be taken seriously as a founder. Additionally, as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic, women were disproportionately impacted, many being forced out of the workforce due to childcare needs and burnout.

Funding gap

Only 2-9% of all funds deployed to technology startups went to founding teams that included at least one woman (female founders of color receiving an even smaller sliver).

Learn from exemplary women

Hear more from female leaders in startups & tech who’re breaking the glass ceiling and setting an example for being agents for change worldwide.

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Anada Lakra
Co-Founder & CEO
Camila Key Saruhashi
QED Investors
Liza Rodewald
Co-founder & CEO
Instant Teams
Moriya Blumenfeld

Why is female entrepreneurship important?

Female leadership can lead to higher performance

Female-founded startups tend to perform better than all-male ones. Women bring an impactful perspective & leadership skills.

Women are key
global financial players

The wealth balance will continue to shift, giving women more influence in the global financial landscape.

Everyone wins

Ensuring greater equality and financial opportunities for women could add $12-28 trillion to the global economy by 2025.

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