Introducing Capchase Collect: An AR automation tool to accelerate SaaS revenue

Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez
Co-founder & CEO
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December 5, 2023
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Introducing Capchase Collect: An AR automation tool to accelerate SaaS revenue

At Capchase, our mission is to accelerate revenue for SaaS companies: removing friction at every stage of the revenue lifecycle. 

Over the past 3+ years, we’re proud to have worked with thousands of incredible companies who’ve used our tools – Capchase Grow, non-dilutive capital and Capchase Pay, SaaS contract financing – to scale ARR and build towards their own missions.

In the current macro environment, every expense matters. And, although the market may be showing signs of a cautious recovery, we’re willing to bet that the theme of efficient and sustainable growth is here to stay.

Introducing Capchase Collect

That’s why today we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest product: Capchase Collect.

Capchase Collect is a self-service collections tool, purpose-built for SaaS companies. 

The tool is available as part of the Caphase customer platform and can be used as a standalone product. Collect allows companies to see a holistic view of their accounts receivable (AR) health in a single interface and automate collection notices, helping Finance teams make unpaid invoices a thing of the past. 

How Capchase Collect works

Capchase Collect integrates directly with all major accounting software products including Quickbooks, Xero and more. Customers simply connect their accounting information to generate a comprehensive and sortable view of accounts receivable balances including total outstanding, upcoming, and overdue balances for buyers and unpaid invoices. 

We know that good communication is key, and Collect offers advanced personalization options to make sure customers always get a professional, on-brand experience. The most-loved features are the ability to:

  • Send reminders from the company email domain to avoid getting caught in spam folders
  • Create unlimited, advanced email sequences based on a variety of criteria to group customers and triggers to automate the sends
  • Track whether the email was delivered and then opened so appropriate follow-up and escalation measures can be taken

Customers will be given the option to pay how they want, for example via payment links from your accounting system or by ACH/SEPA/BACS or credit card.

Moving collections to the cloud: Why we built Capchase Collect

In the U.S., 49% of the invoices produced by a business for services become overdue, according to a 2022 industry report. On top of this, the longer the collection process takes, the likelihood of a customer paying the invoice decreases

Current economic conditions are making it ever more imperative to collect on invoices in a timely manner. We’re excited about the near-immediate revenue impact Collect can have for businesses, and better still - the time-saving potential for Finance teams. 

How Capchase Collect helps

“Capchase Collect has proven to be a valuable addition to our financial toolkit, enhancing the way we handle our invoicing tasks. It offers seamless integration with our existing systems, allowing us to automate and streamline our invoicing like never before. Collect has had a massive impact in unblocking cash sitting on receivables.” - Juan Sebastian Angel, COO at Audiense

You can learn more about Capchase Collect here, or schedule a time to chat with our team to get Collect integrated into your Accounts Receivable process. 

Thank you,
Miguel Fernández
Capchase Co-Founder and CEO