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How unblocked deals using Capchase’s flexible payments solution

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Founded in 2016, with headquarters in London and offices around the world, provides an AI-powered app-building platform with the aim of putting an app in the hands of every business and every entrepreneur. Whether in web or native mobile, can help an entrepreneur, SMB or a Fortune 500 company take an app from idea to production in days without any prior tech knowledge. With focused on helping businesses of all sizes achieve their digital ambitions, it was inevitable that some of their customers would face budget constraints. This was the driving force behind turning to Capchase Pay, a payments and financing partner that could support their growth and reach. 

“We had a few customers who loved our product but were blocked on budget. When they saw they could get a 12 month payment option from Capchase, at no interest to them, it was a game changer,” says Rakesh Rathod, Sales Director at “Customers were really comfortable with this solution.”

Increasing conversion by 15% by closing stalled deals apps start with a base that users add custom features to. Pricing is on a per-feature basis, with the final app cost being dependent on how many features a customer adds and how complex those features are. While remained highly cost-competitive compared to traditional software development, some customers were still struggling to align their desired app with their available budget. Capchase Pay made it easy for to offer flexible payment options and push these stalled deals through. 

According to Rathod: “Our sales team was working with customers on structuring these projects so it would be cost attractive, but the end result was unsatisfactory for everyone involved. Our customers had these amazing apps planned and we really wanted to make it happen for them. With Capchase Pay, we secured customers that otherwise would’ve passed.”

Capchase Pay has delivered a 15% increase in conversions for and 30% of their deals are won using this flexible payments solution. It has become an integral part of their sales process with their entire US and UK sales teams enabled and using the tool.

A partnership that scales with every stage of growth – and across the globe serves customers across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, and they’re growing fast, thanks to a strategic partnership with Microsoft and $250M in Series D funding. It was essential for to partner with a payment options provider that could scale both geographically and in the amount of capital deployed. Capchase operates in ten markets in North America and Europe, with further expansion to come. 

“We chose Capchase because we knew they could grow with us,” said Rathod. “Capchase can serve multiple geographies and has an incredible track record raising capital to match our growth. With Capchase Pay, we don’t have to use our working capital for these deals.” 

A seamless, embedded checkout experience wanted their unique design aesthetics reflected in the checkout flow. The Capchase development team worked closely with’s design team to craft the perfect custom flow. 

“We wanted to monitor every step of the conversion funnel. The Capchase Pay embedded solution gives us complete control over the user journey,” says Rathod. “It changed our sales approach. Our sales team loves this product because they can get pre-approvals and check on their statuses before we engage with the customer. We know we can offer them flexible payment terms before it becomes an issue.”

“With Capchase, we were blown away by their product and technical support team,” says Rathod. “Capchase has definitely stood above other vendors we’ve worked with.”

To see how Capchase Pay can benefit your business, learn more about our flexible payments solution here or talk to our team.

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