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How Veza Digital saw a 7-8x increase in pipeline with Capchase

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Veza Digital is a marketing consultancy with a focus on helping B2B SaaS companies grow through bespoke multi-channel marketing campaigns. With a portfolio valued at over $8B, Veza Digital came to Capchase in September 2023 looking for a more cost-effective funding alternative to Stripe Capital, which takes a percentage of the merchant receivables. 

Choosing Capchase Grow to optimize working capital

Switching to Capchase Grow, Veza Digital was able to restructure and consolidate their venture debt, saving them 20%. In addition to saving money, they could access the funding they needed on-demand to be more strategic with their cash flow. “Capchase Grow had a great reputation, and we could see the partnership expanding in the future thanks to their innovative and global financing product suite,” said Stefan Katanic, CEO & Founder of Veza Digital. Once their working capital was optimized, the partnership expanded to include Capchase Pay

Improving close rates and enhancing client experience with Capchase Pay

For Veza Digital, learning about Capchase Pay was a game-changer. With their commitment to exceptional client service, they saw Capchase Pay as a great way to elevate that further by providing their clients with unparalleled payment flexibility. It empowered Veza Digital to offer clients of all sizes the payment options that suit them best – whether it's monthly, quarterly or even annually – all with a seamless digital payment experience. This in turn allowed them to close faster and at the best packages to bring their clients’ marketing visions to reality. 

With Capchase, Veza Digital can meet client needs while keeping it budget-friendly and still collecting full contract value on day one. Additionally, Capchase Pay allows them to streamline their billing and collections operations by offloading all payment installment management to Capchase, saving their team valuable time with this scalable pricing strategy. 

The proof is in the numbers. 

Immediate access to revenue

When looking for a growth financing and flexible payments partner, Veza Digital was met with several options, all of which were not comprehensive of their needs and still left things paper- and time-consuming for them. Capchase Grow, powered by Capchase’s industry-leading technology having underwritten thousands of SaaS companies, was the fastest and most straightforward option, while Capchase Pay’s ready-to-use, intuitive interface helps Veza Digital finance their contracts seamlessly while closing more deals. Together, both products help Veza Digital access their revenue today so they can be strategic with their cash flow and continue expanding their pipeline at a rapid pace. 

Superpowered pipeline

The combination of Capchase Pay and Grow bringing Veza Digital’s future revenue forward, allows them to regularly invest in their high-performing GTM channels, with immediate results showing a 7-8x increase in pipeline. The Capchase product suite lets Veza Digital get creative with their deal structuring without relying on discounts and cover their upfront investment on larger deals right away. 

The Capchase impact

With Capchase, Veza Digital continues to see significant growth through improved cash flow – 190% increase in ARR in just the first 6 months. Deals are no longer stalling due to budget constraints thanks to more manageable monthly payment options for clients with Capchase Pay, while Capchase Grow ensures that Veza Digital always has access to growth capital when they need it. 

Capchase also allows Veza Digital to plan their investments more strategically, use Capchase Grow as a line of credit as needed, and use Capchase Pay to recover their costs on large deals immediately. Having flexible cash on hand allows Veza Digital to unlock marketing budgets to scale their business, cover operating costs, and distribute funds across their lines of business. 

Stefan Katanic, Veza Digital’s CEO & Founder said it best: “Capchase is a true partner and their products  have been a huge help – we wouldn’t be seeing this level of growth without them.”

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