Scalable SaaS funding and growth financing, without the downsides.

Shorten sales cycles, extend your runway, and accelerate growth without taking on debt or losing equity.

Turn your ARR into working capital, fast

2 financing solutions

Turn your ARR into non-dilutive growth capital with Capchase Grow, or close more deals and access your full ACV upfront with Capchase Pay.

Seamless and easy to use

Easily request, draw, and manage your finances in Capchase’s platform and CRM integrations.

Access capital upfront within 72 hours

Access non-dilutive growth financing in as little as 72 hours based on your ARR. Or, use Capchase Pay to turn high-value deals into an instant payday.

Sync your data

From lite to fully embedded solution so you can offer financing inside your experience.

Get your Capscore

Automated data collection, underwriting and financing with capital available in 24h.

Access your capital

Financing as little as $25k or as much as $10M based on what your customers needs when they need it.

Extend runway and increase working capital

Extend your runway and increase working capital using the power of your existing ARR so you can invest in key initiatives like product development and marketing.

Avoid dilution and debt

Access SaaS funding that scales alongside your revenue, can be used at your discretion, and won’t make you give up equity.

Grow your revenue and ACV

Turn your revenue potential into real revenue by expanding your customer pool, accelerating sales velocity, and increasing conversions on high-value deals.

Boost top-line metrics

Eliminate discounting, reduce your CAC, and increase your LTV through our B2B BNPL payment solutions for SaaS founders.

Increase conversions and renewals

Get more conversions and renewals, even from prospects with irregular cash flow or tight margins.

How far could you scale your runway with Capchase?

Annual Recurring Revenue

Year over Year ARR Growth

Months of Runway

This calculator is for indicative and informational purposes only and should not be considered an offer by Capchase.  Any transaction will be subject to a written legal agreement.

You can get up to


and grow your ARR by 165% within 12 months
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“My first impression of Pay was that it was just such a smart idea, and one I hadn’t heard of before. As a SaaS founder myself, the opportunity to turn recurring revenue into a financing opportunity is what really resonated with me.”

Ismail Nalwala · CEO of IOTAP
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“Immediately, one of the biggest differences with Capchase is that we no longer face challenges in acquiring and using capital. We can use our financing at our discretion to help tie us over low months as needed.”

Sachin Rastogi · Chief Financial Officer Flytxt
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The revenue accelerator for SaaS funding

How Pay works in steps

Quote and close quickly

Offer customers flexible payment terms that fit their needs, whether that’s monthly, biannually, or annually so you can shorten your sales cycle and access more working capital quickly.

Collect your ARR immediately

While we handle all the billing with your customer, you get the full ARR of each contract immediately.

Forget collections and focus on growth

Collections and reconciliation with customers are handled by us, so your team can focus on more important things—like investing that new working capital in growth or closing more sales.

How Grow works in steps

Easily sync your data

Submit your banking and accounting information easily and securely in our platform through our integrations.

Receive an offer based on your ARR

Our underwriting team will perform an analysis of your submitted data and send you a capital offer in under 72 hours based on your ARR.

Access your funding immediately

Accept your offer and begin withdrawing immediately, plus receive support from our team of Growth Advisors.


Average increase in growth for
companies who've used Capchase.


Companies that are actively
using Capchase SaaS funding.


Collection rate in the
last three years.

Optimize performance and accelerate growth
Learn how Capchase can help you extend runway and accelerate growth with non-dilutive financing and B2B BNPL.

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