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Whether you’re planning to raise funding in this year or preparing to weather market uncertainties, it’s more important than ever to have a razor-sharp understanding of what good performance looks like.

"The next era of SaaS is very exciting indeed, and the data in The Capchase SaaS Benchmark Report should help guide SaaS platforms looking to grow."

Ed Moore, Head of EMEA SaaS Platforms, Stripe

What are the key SaaS performance trends?

What’s in this report?

Produced using Capchase data and featuring a foreword by Stripe, this SaaS Benchmark Report examines key performance metrics for B2B SaaS companies and gives insights into the areas that indicate and predict success.

Capchase helps B2B SaaS founders and CFOs grow their businesses faster, through non-dilutive, dynamic growth capital. Because we analyze the financial data of high-performing SaaS businesses, we have a unique insight into the metrics that indicate and predict success.

This report is the first to share early to growth-stage B2B SaaS company performance data, and compare it with public SaaS performance metrics. It’s also drawn from live financial data rather than self-reported surveys.

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