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How does Capchase work?

We provide flexible, non-dilutive capital to SaaS companies based on their annual recurring revenue, funding up to 70% of a companies ARR. We evaluate and provide funding offers using our extensive underwriting process through which companies can receive their initial capital offers within 72 hours and withdraw their funding as needed.

Why do companies use Capchase?

Fast-growing companies with predictable revenue face two major challenges: waiting for revenues to be realized over a 12-month period and funding growth under favorable terms.Capchase solves both of these problems and enables companies to grow on their own terms.

How is this different from traditional lenders? What's the rate?

Capchase turns companies' recurring revenue into upfront capital. There are no penalties, hidden fees, warrants, or covenants.

About Capchase

Capchase is the revenue platform for scaling SaaS companies
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