Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez
Co-founder & CEO
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November 7, 2022
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Capchase expands to Germany, to close the funding gap for German SaaS companies

Capchase expands to Germany, to close the funding gap for German SaaS companies

Today, we’re excited to announce Capchase’s expansion into Germany, where we will continue our mission to help founders and CFOs grow their businesses faster through non-dilutive capital, market insights, and community support.

Over the last two years, Capchase has been on a journey of rapid growth. We’ve reached a number of significant milestones in rapid succession, and today’s expansion adds another chapter to that story of growth. Since launching in 2020, we’ve been a trusted partner to over 3000 companies and made over $1.5bn in funding available. Earlier this year, we announced $400 million in debt financing to provide committed capital support for both current and future Capchase customers, as well as integrations with Stripe and Xero. Now our German market launch marks our expansion to  our tenth country.

Germany is an exciting European hub for startups: with recent announcements from the local government to mobilize €30 billion in local startups by 2030, the tech scene in Germany is set to boom. We are looking forward to partnering with founders and companies living in Germany and to providing scalable, non-dilutive financing to help them achieve their growth potential, faster.

In today's economic environment, founders need new ways to fund their business. Since our inception, we have seen a huge appetite for growth capital that is fast, flexible and complementary to traditional funding methods like venture capital. In Germany, this is an unserved need, which is where we want to help.

The German businesses we have already worked with testify to that fact. Sven Lackinger, CEO and co-founder at Sastrify, a SaaS procurement solution and one of Germany’s fastest-growing SaaS startups, has said: “With Capchase, leading businesses get access to the right capital at the right rate at the right time — as well as a genuine partner dedicated to helping them grow. Getting set up with the platform was fast and intuitive, and we felt supported by the team throughout the entire funding process.”

With startups increasingly looking outside of the VC world for financing, we have seen monthly application rates double from April to September of this year. We are hugely excited to support our growing network of customers to operate on the level of their ambitions, and reap the resulting successes. Most Capchase customers put capital toward financing customer acquisition costs, key sales hires, and subscription expenses with the flexibility to only pay for the capital that they use. We’re also proud that every customer is paired with an individual Capchase Growth Advisor to help optimize their capital structure and increase growth efficiency.

If you’re a German founder, looking to see where non-dilutive funding could take you, start your journey with Capchase at www.capchase.com/de. We are looking forward to partnering with you.