November 4, 2021

Introducing Capchase Earn: deposit account to reduce your cost of capital

We’re proud to unveil our deposit account, our latest solution to help founders make their capital work for them.

Raising money can be one of the most exciting ways to grow your company. It provides validation to your idea, support for your business model, and a network of advisors to rely on for guidance, inspiration, and advice. But there are many nuances that come with it and raising capital does not guarantee success. The journey is difficult and the best choices are not always clear. 

As I’ve written about, founders should have better options for raising capital that doesn’t leave them with a fraction of ownership by the time they exit or cost them untenable interest rates. This is what we’re dedicated to building at Capchase. Founders’ paths for growth should be as frictionless as possible, empowering them with the right resources at every stage. Revenue financing and expense financing (buy now pay later) products accomplish this, and today we are extremely excited to announce a new extension of this mission - Capchase Earn.

Capchase Earn is an innovative deposit account that is designed for startups and provides a real return on idle cash. Eligible startups can earn significantly higher interest than with other accruing accounts on the market - Earn significantly reduces the overall cost of capital for those who have taken on venture debt or credit. It is a first-of-its-kind solution that fuels growth and helps founders stay in control. Startups who entrust us with their hard earned capital can rest assured that it will be available for them when they need it, and will be supporting their growth even before they’ve put it to use. 

Capchase Earn’s ultra-competitive earnings give companies the flexibility to choose between earning money on their capital raised or off-setting their financing costs. When combined with other Capchase financing products, we are enabling startups to reduce their total cost of capital as they continue to grow.

We’re very excited for this new product and the opportunities it will unleash for all of the companies we work with. It’s a big moment for us but an even bigger moment for the startups who are taking big risks everyday to bring their dreams to life.

To learn more about Capchase Earn and to get started, contact Jamie Maynard or by visiting the Earn product page.

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