Before and after Pay

Before Capchase

It’s challenging to convert your pipeline, reduce CAC, and access working capital as sales cycles lengthen.

After Capchase

Reduce your time to cash by collecting the ARR of every deal on signing, plus close more deals at a higher ACV to reduce acquisition costs.

Before Capchase

Sales cycles drag due to budget constraints and hesitance over long-term contracts, so you have to offer steep discounts to hit your goals. 

After Capchase

Flexible payment terms mean you can change annual contracts into monthly or quarterly ones, meaning no discounts and shorter sales cycles.

Before and after Grow

Before Capchase

Raising capital often means giving up equity (and sometimes decision-making power), and your access to funding might not scale with you.

After Capchase

Access funding with no dilution, ever, and withdraw and spend it on your own terms. Plus, your capital offer scales alongside you as your revenue grows.

Before Capchase

Access to working capital on favorable terms can be difficult to come by and there’s no guarantee on how funding will support you as you grow.

After Capchase

Use capital without restrictions on what you can spend it on and unlock additional financing as your revenue increases.

The buy now, pay later solution for B2B SaaS

Shorten your sales cycles and collect ARR upfront while offering flexible payment terms
Capchase Pay

The most-trusted financing partner for SaaS founders

Access non-dilutive, revenue-based funding that scales with you
Capchase GrowCapchase Grow

How Pay works in steps

Quote and close quickly

Offer customers flexible payment terms that fit their needs, whether that’s monthly, biannually, or annually so you can shorten your sales cycle.

Collect your ARR immediately

We handle all billing directly with customers using customized links and pay you the value of every contract upfront.

Forget about collections

Collections and reconciliation with customers are handled by us, reducing the workload on your finance team.

How Grow works in steps

Sync your data

Submit your banking and accounting information easily and securely in our platform through our integrations.

Receive your offer

Our underwriting team will perform an analysis of your submitted data and send you a capital offer in under 72 hours.

Access your funding

Accept your offer and begin withdrawing immediately, plus receive support from our team of Growth Advisors.

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How it works in 3 steps

Seamless underwriting

Access an offer immediately after you sync your data while we further analyze it. We can improve our initial offer in less than 72 hours.

Sync your data

We integrate with your banks and accounting services so you can easily and securely connect your data.

Seamless underwriting

Access an offer immediately after you sync your data while we further analyze it. We can improve our initial offer in less than 72 hours.

Access your capital

Once approved, you can immediately draw your capital in our simple and intuitive platform.

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