More Funding Available for European SaaS!

Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez
Co-founder & CEO
Posted on
May 23, 2024
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More Funding Available for European SaaS!

We are excited to share that Capchase has secured a new €105 million credit facility. We put this new warehouse in place in response to a growing demand for non-dilutive funding by SaaS companies in Europe and the UK, and are doing so by pairing up with a leading global investment bank, Deutsche Bank, and i80 Group who have been a trusted and innovative financing partner to Capchase since 2020. This additional funding opens up new options to allow SaaS companies to accelerate growth without sacrificing equity.

With over $1 billion in debt and equity financing raised to date, Capchase can reach even more European businesses in need of flexible and scalable financing and payment options - saving founders and management teams time and precious equity. We are proud to have supported SaaS companies in the region since 2021 and have growing offices in London, Madrid, and Barcelona.

The rest of Capchase's co-founders and I are European, and we know how much harder it is to access capital in Europe vs the US. Since our inception as a company, we’ve had around 80% of our business in the US and we wanted to make sure we were giving European companies the same access to financing.

This regional focus and the new facility by Deutsche Bank and i80 position Capchase to assist innovative software companies in countries across Europe and the UK. By tapping into large debt facilities from our partners, Capchase can provide numerous key benefits to SaaS businesses:

  • More financing options at better rates: Even more lending capital at increasingly attractive terms, delivered in local currency to our customers’ bank accounts.
  • Complementary cash flow & revenue management tools: Lending is coupled with A/R management, invoice automation, and more for an end-to-end solution.
  • Tools to run an efficient business: Founders and management teams can leverage an ever-growing SaaS benchmark database, and analytics tools to tap into a network of fellow founders and CEOs facilitated by our Growth Advisory team who partner with each of our customers.

As capital needs for European software companies continue to evolve, innovative financing models are democratizing access to affordable growth funding throughout Europe. We are excited to double down on the European SaaS ecosystem and do it with our partners, Deutsche Bank and i80 Group.