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How SetSchedule broke funding and property barriers with Capchase

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The backstory

SetSchedule challenges industry conventions by doing things differently. As a free-to-use SaaS ecosystem, they’re transforming the way professionals and their prospects connect - enabling better connections, easier communication and stronger relationships between consumers and their local real estate experts.

Their ultimate goal:  Provide SaaS products at an economical price.

They’ve hit some pretty impressive numbers, too: over $2 billion in annual transactions nationwide in the US, 25,000 active agents and 1,000,000 home shoppers. 

In the words of co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Udi Dorner, SetSchedule is on a very clear path to success.

So when it came to funding, they took a different approach, once again challenging industry conventions.


The barriers to product creation in tech are high, and property tech (or proptech as you might have heard it being named) is no exception. This is because developing a tech product requires a lot of time, money, and experimentation as new solutions for market problems are developed.

In SetSchedule’s case, it required engineering and significant human capital investment - being able to afford employees from multiple disciplines simply in order to create a usable product. Because of these uncertainties, securing funding as a minority and geographic outsider to the Silicon Valley scene was extremely difficult.

"We spoke to multiple institutions throughout the years: VCs, private equity, debt financing and more, yet none were what we were looking for." - Udi Dorner, Chief Operating Officer, SetSchedule


Capchase was able to evaluate and provide funding to SetSchedule in a direct, transparent manner, cutting out inefficiencies and making for a better investment. Once SetSchedule became a proven success in the real estate space, the company wanted to address the core problem that all  professionals encounter  the need for a platform that allows users to truly communicate their message to the proper audience. This required additional capital as they continued to address the needs of soloprenuers, small businesses, and large enterprise level services.

Working together with Capchase, SetSchedule was able to break past the traditional barriers to entry for tech companies, allowing the company to continue to grow even during the COVID-19 pandemic, and expand its SaaS solutions beyond the real estate space.

"It’s been a true pleasure to work with Capchase, partnering with us, following our financial journey, allowing us to really excel - at a pace that’s very unique in the financial industry, thank you, Capchase!”

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